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RANKWITHJAGS- SEO, Personal growth & Brand building.

Google domination is easier than we think. Come be a part of our panther clan, where results speak.


What is RWJ?

RWJ aka RANKWITHJAGS is our passion project, our give back to this beautiful SEO community, which has given us- more than I could imagine. To come up with a sustainable, systematic resource to help bloggers who aspire to learn ranking on google but cannot find a credible resource to do so. Proudly so, called GOOGLE DOMINATION.

A little backstory- It was on 12th of April, 2022- when I put up a story for hiring an intern and got flooded with 140 requests but could not find one applicant with the right fundamentals- I thought to myself, it's time I design a module to teach GOOGLE DOMINATION and bust the myth- that it is complicated or technical. It's just like physics & boy- do I love physics.

Why is SEO, so important?

SEO is something every founder knows or should know about but the hard truth is not everyone does, infact IT IS RARE. If you want to survive in this generation, where brands are taking the driver's seat- brand profiling or SEO is the most under-rated but wisest skill to hold. It’s not about keyword rankings and link building. It’s about solving your pain points, showcasing your brand technically & figuratively to help you grow. This is the bridge we have built over the years for ourselves, our clients and now for our students.

*all sales are final, no returns & refunds, although please contact us on our e-mail for all the help you need, we are here with you to help you*